How To Repair And Remove Paint Protection Film?

You might be owning a car, but did you ever hear of Paint Protection Films? Paint Protection Film is just a clear protective layer that can be added over the car’s paintwork. It gives protection to the paint and can be normally seen on high-performance cars. It’s also called PPF.

We have mentioned some easy, tried, and tested steps for how to repair and remove paint protection film below. Following the steps can be life-saving for you. Check them out! In addition to this, It is also important to protect the car’s leather interior. so that you can take proper care of your car.

How To Repair And Remove Paint Protection Film?

How To Repair And Remove Paint Protection Film

Almost every car has PPF applied over it. The paint protection film can be mostly seen in the front of rear wheels where maximum damage is caused by stones. Most PPFs get fixed on their own. The little scuff marks, swirl marks, scratches, etc on the film can get removed on its own without the protective paint film being removed.

How To Remove The Paint Protection Film

If you wish to safely remove the PPF, you’ll require a proper source of heat. A heat gun usually remains perfect. If you don’t have a heat gun, you can use a hairdryer or a steamer. The heat makes the adhesive soft. The softer it becomes, the more easily it comes out.

Begin from the edge of the PPF and slowly start warming up the surface. In case, you were using the heat gun, keep the setting low. Apply the heat for just 30 secs and carefully check whether the surface is warm or not. It should just be mild-warm but not too hot. After this, just try to pull away from the film mildly from the corners. Do this by using your fingernail. Keep reapplying heat to the film whenever necessary and pull the entire thing out. If it still does not come out, you can spread some adhesive remover over it and wait for it to spread out between the paint and the film.

When the film is removed, you’ll discover some leftover residue. This residue will be adhesive and can easily come out. Tar and Glue removers can come in handy in such situations and help you remove it faster.

Recommended Products For How To Repair And Remove Paint Protection Film

A Product like Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover is one of the best products for this purpose. It is not that costly and is available in 325ml bottles.

Another Handy Way To Remove The PPF

If you don’t have a heat gun you can choose a scraper to remove the paint protection film. You also have the option to make use of some automatic trim tools made of poly-nylon that are safe for the surface of the paint. Slowly and steadily stick the fine end of the scraper under the edge of the PPF and gently push it next to the film to check how easily it can come out.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions About Paint Protection Films

1. If the Paint Protection Film Gets Damaged, can it be fixed?

No, there is no way in which damaged paint protection film can be patched. You can only replace the film with a new one. Just follow our steps for how to repair and remove paint protection film.

2. Can Paint Protection Films Be Easily Polished?

Polish is not to be used over the Paint Protection Film, as it can leave scratches on the surface. These scratches can be easily removed after heating. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

3. What is the average lifeline of a Paint Protection Film?

How long PPF lasts depends on the manufacturer and the installation quality. Most of them last for about 5 years, but there are some that can even last for more than 10 years.

4. Did you know that these films are not bulletproof?

The film gets punctured and at times it takes a lot of effort to protect the paint. There are also times when the car gets hit over by some sharp object and the paint gets damaged, but if there is a thick layer of PPF, the damage will be far less than expected. To solve the problem of damage caused by stone chips and all, some brands have released a sturdier film. These PPFs are suitable for areas of high intensity, where maximum damage is expected.

5. Can you wax the paint protection film?

Yes, you can wax it right away when you finish the paint protection film on your car. However, make sure that the wax you use does not contain kerosene or naphtha in a concentration of more than 5%.

6. Which of the following is the best solution, paint protection film or ceramic coating?

The paint protection film is thicker and better than ceramic coatings. These qualities enable the paint protection film to absorb rock chips, small scratches, vortex marks, and hard water spots without permanently disfiguring them. The ceramic coating does not have this capability.

7. Does the car need to be waxed after polishing?

After washing and polishing the car, the car needs to be waxed to add a shiny layer as well as a protective layer. Perfectly waxing a car can help to protect the car from UV rays as well as damage from pollution and other dust.

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Bottom Line

New, Better quality PPFs are being introduced every day. If you didn’t have a PPF applied over your car paint before, you can try using it now by following our ways of how to repair and remove paint protection film. You’ll see that your car maintenance budget will reduce to a great extent.

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