How To Polish and Wax a Car

Every car owner needs to polish his car to maintain the look of his car. what is the best way to protect your aesthetic car look as it is? All you need is, you must be aware of how to polish and wax a car. Car washing and waxing should be in your daily routine in order to keep and shield a car’s beauty and elegance.

When To Polish Your Car?

When you purchase a brand new car, it comes with a new clear coat which has some process inconsistencies known as orange peel that rob the vehicle of some of its natural shine. If you are polishing your brand new car, you need to consider the car’s build date because a clear coat needs this time to fully cure.

how to polish and wax a car

Also, daily driving and outdoor parking can somehow damage a new clear coat that causes a car’s finish to become dull and weathered. Hence, car polishing plays an important role to extend the life and beauty of the paint and exterior.

Generally, it is better to fully detail your car twice a year. This involves claying, polish then wax a car. Whereas, you need to apply car paint sealant and wax to a car as well as the need to clean leather seats after every 3 months so you can maintain your car look. Also, not only the exterior but also the interior should be clean once a month.

How To Polish and Wax a Car

Let’s take a close look at how to polish and wax a car properly. Even if you are a beginner in car polishing or don’t know how to use a car polisher, this step-by-step guide will help you to polish and wax a car on your own.

1. Preaper a car for polishing

The first step is to start with a car wash. Always wash your car in a shady area, because if you keep it in sunlight then it can cause soap you use to dry onto the paint and can dull the car finish. So, choose the perfect place where your car will not come in contact with direct sunlight.

  • Don’t park a car in a dirty or grassy area because when you wash the car, mud can get on the car. Always park the car on a solid surface and start washing.
  • The overcast day can be the best day to wash and polish your car until it doesn’t rain.

Prevent things from getting messy. You should look for the things that you don’t want to get messy. While polishing the machine, the polisher spray rubbing compounds as it starts to spinning. Make sure there is nothing around your car.

how to wash a car

  • The polish will wash off easily, but you won’t want to clean some things.
  • Keep children and pets away at the time of the polishing process.

Wash your car with a hose. Spray water all over the car so you can get ready to wash the car with your hands. If there are any large pieces of debris or dirt stuck on the paint of the vehicle, remove them with water.

  • Start washing the car from top to bottom. Don’t forget to wash the wheels and the bottom of the car clean as most of the time the dirt and mud are stuck in the car’s wheels and paint.

Properly clean the wheels and tires of the car. If you want to wash car wheels and tires on the day of the polishing, you have to clean them properly. Use a special bucket and microfibre cloth to wash wheels and tires.

  • Hard wheel detergents can get on the vehicle’s paint when cleaning your wheels, so you can clean the detergents from the paint first.
  • Washing the wheels may also spatter dirt or mud onto the paint you can then wash off.

Rinse the car with automotive soap or car shampoo. Fill the bucket full of water and a small amount of high-quality car snow foam or car shampoo. Soak the clean sponge in the bucket and start washing a car from the top and go in a way to the bottom.

how to clean a car

  • Now cleanse the sponge with the water and make sure to wash the paint of the car carefully before polishing.
  • If any debris or dirt leaves on paint it can cause swirls or scratches on the car during the car polishing.

Select the suitable pad and compound for the car. It is advisable to use a softer pad and compound for dark-colored vehicles because dark-colored vehicles are more susceptible to swirling the paint when you polish and wax a car. For light color vehicles, you can use intensive pads and compounds.

  • You can easily buy these pads and compounds from your nearest local auto parts store. After car washing, now we will start how to polish a car with a buffer.

2. Polishing the car

Start with car polishing, Take a damp pad and wet it with water. Now, squeeze the wet pad so it remains wet. This pad that you use for polishing the wheel, must remain wet through the polishing process.

  • If the pad becomes dry then it may burn a clear coat on your car.
  • During the polishing process, keep the bucket of clean water or a hose to your closest.

Rub the compound on the pad. Apply enough amount of polishing compound on the pad, then start the polishing wheel and press it into the vehicle’s paint. Alternatively, you can also apply the compound directly to the car and then you can move the polisher onto it.

how to polish car with a polishar

  • First, carefully read the instructions for the polishing compound because each has its specific steps that you need to follow for better results.
  • After you end up with the body panel, proceed to the next one.

Push the wheel back and forth with constant pressure. Be sure to maintain constant pressure as you rotate back and forth during polishing. You can reduce the chances of damage to your paint by applying static pressure.

Proceed when the shiny finish of the paint appears. When you polish, the polishing compound starts to swirl and smear and then slowly disappears by leaving a glossy paint layer behind.

  • When a shiny surface appears, you can move to the next panel for polishing.
    Avoid polishing again on shiny paint, it may dull the finish.

Rinse the pad thoroughly. During polishing, the polishing compound starts to accumulate on the pad. So, to wash the compounds from the pad, you need to stop polishing for a while. Wet the pad and squeeze it to keep damp.

  • If there are too many compounds on the pad it can reduce the polishing ability.

Be aware of intricate trim pieces. The edge of the pad on the polishing wheel rotates very fast and usually comes in contact with a minimal rubbing compound which can increase the chances of burning a clear coat on your paint. That’s why you need to be careful when you polish the car, the trim elements will not contact the edge of the pad. In the next step, you will learn about how to buff a car.

3. Waxing your car

Again wash and rinse the car. After you finish an entire car polishing, rinse the polishing pad properly, store the pad, and polishing wheel in your closest. Now, shower on a car thoroughly and wash it again. Make sure you have wash all polishing compounds remaining on the car. Now will start with buffing a car.

Let the car dry. Before waxing a car, check whether the paint is dry. To dry your car you can use the best car drying towel for better results.

  • Make sure the car is dry before starting the car waxing. Start from the top and work to down when you wipe the car with a towel.

Apply a layer of wax to the car paint. It must be of high-quality car wax so it can protect newly polished paint and give a bright, shiny finish. Apply the wax on a pad and gently smear it on a car in a circular motion, it is the best way to wax a car.

how to wax a car

  • Properly apply the wax thoroughly on the car, to protect your car from the sun.
  • Be sure that your car will not be exposed to sunlight when you polish and wax a car.

Now, polish the wax off with a soft microfibre towel. After the wax dries, buff it off of the paint with the help of microfiber towels. You will understand that wax has dried by touching it with fingers.

  • If the wax is easily wiped under your finger, it is dry and can be buffed off from the vehicle.
  • Once you are done with car buffing all of the wax, the paint will leave a brilliant shine and finish.

Final Verdict

Instead of polishing a car from professional car polishers, you can do it very easily on your own. Out detailed instruction guide on how to polish and wax a car will help you a lot. If you will follow all our steps properly, you will surprise that how easy car polishing is and you appreciate the results of applying car wax before and after. Just remember the do’s and don’ts and start the process of car polishing and buffing car paint. So let’s start to polish and wax a car for a crisp and brilliant shine.

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